David Rangel-Medina

David RANGEL-MEDINA. Born San Luis Potosí, Mexico (1919-2003). LLB. PhD, School of Law , UNAM, Mexico City . He founded the Intellectual Property Department of the Mexico City law firm Basham, Ringe & Correa where he was a partner for more than two decades. He participated in the enforcement of all sorts of intellectual property rights including trademarks, patents and copyrights. In 1971 he received from the Chief Justice of the Mexican Supreme Court the Medal of the Gran Cruz de la Orden de Honor Forense , awarded to an outstanding trial lawyer every year. In 1990 he received from the President of the Mexican Republic the Medalla al Mérito awarded to outstanding legal practitioners. His talents as a legal practitioner, litigator and a scholar have been recognized by the Mexican Bar Association who awarded him the National Jurisprudence Medal in 1996 ( Premio Nacional de Jurisprudencia de la Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados). In 2003 he received from the Dean of the School of Law of UNAM the Medal Prima de Leyes Instituta awarded to outstanding jurists, legal practitioners and scholars. Author of more than five books including Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law and of more than 150 legal studies on patent, trademark, copyright, licensing and unfair competition law published in legal periodicals of America , Europe and Asia . Lectured on patent, trademark and copyright law in more than 200 seminars, workshops and congresses held in America , Europe and Asia . Was President of the Mexican Group of AIPPI and Founding Member of the International Association of Teachers and Researchers in Intellectual Property (ATRIP) and of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI). President of Honor of the Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AMPPI). Professor of Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law at the School of Law of UNAM and Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City (1974-2003). His qualities as a legal practitioner, trial lawyer and scholar have been recognized in international publications such as "The International Who's Who of Intellectuals", "Personalities of America", "Who's Who in the World", "International Register of Profiles", "Men of Achievement", "Men and Women of Distinction", "The Directory of Distinguished Americans", "Dictionary of International Biography" and "Who's Who in the South and Southwest" . In 1963 he founded the first legal periodical published in Spanish language devoted to intellectual property law: Revista Mexicana de la Propiedad Industrial y Artística.



David A. Rangel-Ortiz  (52) 55-52026498

David A. RANGEL-ORTIZ . Born Mexico City , 1954; admitted to practice 1978, Mexico . Graduated from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico UNAM, (LL.B.); Georgetown University , Washington , D.C. (O.P.A.L., 1978); University of Toronto (LL.M., 1979); Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Proprieté Industrielle , Strasbourg , 1979; Universidad Panamericana , Mexico City (Specialization in Tax Law, 1980, with honours ). In his professional practice he has acted as Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors of various private and public companies. He has participated as a mediator, arbitrator and conciliator in private mediation, arbitration and conciliation proceedings. Over the last thirty years, he has advised local and foreign companies in local and international commercial and corporate transactions, foreign investments, joint ventures, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, real estate, transfer of technology matters; and other administrative, civil and commercial transactions. He collaborated with the Director of the Revista Mexicana de la Propiedad Industrial y Artística and is an English and Spanish Expert Translator. A member of the Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados (Mexican Bar Association), he has attended and participated in congresses, courses, symposia, conferences and meetings in Mexico and abroad, related to corporate law, foreign investment, transfer of technology, intellectual property, tax law, commercial arbitration, real estate, securities, etc. Author of La Protección del Diseño Industrial en México, Mexico City, 1978 , Trademarks: International Protection and Basic Features of the Mexican and Canadian Legal Systems , University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, 1979, Trust and Fideicomiso, a Comparative Overview, Toronto, 1979 , El diseño industrial en la nueva legislación mexicana de propiedad industrial in: Revista Mexicana de la Propiedad Industrial y Artística , Nos. 31-31, 1978, La protección del arte aplicado en la legislación autoral mexicana in: Estudios de Derecho Intelectual en Homenaje al profesor David Rangel Medina , Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas, UNAM Mexico 1998.



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Horacio RANGEL-ORTIZ. Born Mexico City, 1957; admitted to practice 1980, Mexico. Graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana 1979 (LL.B.) Mexico City ; The George Washington University , School of Law 1981 (Master of Comparative Law in IP), Washington , D.C. ; Doctor of Laws, Universidad Panamericana, School of Law , Mexico City (PhD) 1994. He practices intellectual property law in Mexico City since 1982 including transactional work and litigation. He has since developed a diverse practice which includes patent, trademark and copyright litigation, prosecution, licensing negotiations, dispute resolution, and portfolio management. Has been extensively involved with a wide range of intellectual property matters and has prepared more than one thousand opinions on complex legal issues. Has served as an expert witness in litigation and arbitration both in Mexico and overseas. He has been ranked among the top Mexican patent lawyers by Managing Intellectual Property's Guide to the World's Leading Patent Law Practitioners . He has been listed in The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers as one of the top Mexican trademark lawyers. His name has been identified by clients and colleagues of Mexico and overseas as one of the three Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer s in Mexico in PLC Which Lawyer? published by Practical Law Company (2007), and has been chosen for inclusion as an intellectual property specialist in Who's Who in the World (“ a significant honor, an achievement in and of itself, that is afforded to very few individuals in the course of a lifetime” according to the editors). Chairman of the International Intellectual Property Committee of the Mexican Bar. Chairman of the International Treaties Committee of the Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AMPPI) of which he is a former President. He has been President of the Mexican Group of AIPPI and of the International Association of Teachers and Researchers in Intellectual Property (ATRIP). Author of the doctoral dissertation “Patent Infringement” and of dozens of articles published in legal periodicals of more than 15 countries. He has lectured on intellectual property in more than 25 countries of America , Europe , Africa and Asia . Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law of the University of Houston Law Center .